Connoisseurs Range Wheat Beer Kit Crisp and Flavourful (1.8 kg | 3.9 Lb)

Connoisseurs Range Wheat Beer Kit Crisp and Flavourful (1.8 kg | 3.9 Lb)

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Savour the Crafted Excellence of Connoisseurs Range Wheat Beer Kit

Elevate Your Beer Experience with European Craftsmanship

Experience the refreshing and crisp delight of Connoisseurs Range Wheat Beer Kit, a product of Europe that promises a unique beer journey. This meticulously crafted kit brings you the balanced fusion of wheat and barley malt, unveiling a light amber hue, a gentle hop presence, and a distinctive flavor that enthralls your senses.

Indulge in the exquisite Connoisseurs Range Wheat Beer Kit, the embodiment of European brewing expertise. With its harmonious wheat and barley malt blend, this kit delivers a refreshing character that transcends ordinary beer. Revel in the inviting light amber color, gentle hops, and moderate alcohol content (approx. 4.6%), perfect for leisurely enjoyment. This kit yields 23 liters (equivalent to 66 bottles) of wheat beer, ensuring ample supply for gatherings or personal sipping.

Key Features:

  • Balanced Wheat and Barley Malt: Savour the harmony of wheat and barley malt, creating a well-balanced base that highlights the beer's refreshing character.
  • Light Amber Color: Admire the inviting light amber hue, setting the stage for a visually appealing drinking experience.
  • Low to Medium Hop Profile: Experience a subtle hop presence that enhances the refreshing qualities of the wheat beer.
  • Approximate ABV of 4.6%: Enjoy the perfect balance between flavor and drinkability.
  • 23 Liters Yield: Revel in the satisfaction of producing a generous quantity of wheat beer.
  • Best Served Chilled with Citrus Twist: Elevate the beer's refreshing nature by chilling it with a citrus twist.
  • Original Gravity (OG) Range: Experience precision and craftsmanship with the exact gravity range, ensuring an authentic wheat beer experience.

Product Benefits:

  • Refreshing and Crisp Taste: Delight in the invigorating and crisp flavors of Connoisseurs Range Wheat Beer, quenching your thirst and pleasing your palate.
  • Crafted with European Expertise: Immerse yourself in the rich beer heritage of Europe, enjoying authentic flavors and quality.
  • Perfect for Beer Enthusiasts: Whether you're a seasoned beer lover or exploring wheat beers, this kit caters to your discerning taste.
  • Product of Europe: Enjoy the assurance of a high-quality European product, symbolizing excellence and brewing traditions honed over generations.


Q: Can I customize the flavor of the wheat beer using the Connoisseurs Range Wheat Beer Kit?

A: While the kit provides a balanced recipe, brewing allows room for customization. Experiment with additional ingredients or variations to create your preferred flavor profile.

Q: How long does brewing the Connoisseurs Range Wheat Beer take?

A: Brewing typically takes 2 to 3 weeks, including fermentation, conditioning, and carbonation. The timeline may vary based on ambient temperature and personal preference.

Q: Can I carbonate the wheat beer naturally or use forced carbonation methods?

A: The kit provides instructions for natural carbonation using priming sugar. However, you can adapt the process if you prefer forced carbonation methods, such as kegging or carbonation tablets.

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