During the fifteenth century, Mountmellick thrived as a modest settlement nestled in Ireland. It found its place along the Owenass, a slender river known for its cascades, and boasted an encampment called Irishtown on its picturesque banks. Over time, the town flourished and its population swelled to a remarkable eight thousand individuals. The growth was accompanied by the establishment of twenty-seven diverse industries, including breweries, distilleries, woollen mills, cotton production, tanneries, and glassmaking. By the late nineteenth century, Mountmellick had transformed into a vibrant boomtown.

Today, the legacy of Mountmellick's industrious past lives on through the production of Mountmellick Malt Extracts and Beer Kits. Crafted according to the original Irish recipe, these exceptional products are meticulously fashioned from the finest two-row barley malts. Through a meticulous process, these malts are transformed into extracts of unparalleled consistency, purity, and quality. Mountmellick takes pride in preserving the rich tradition and heritage of Irish brewing, delivering a taste that stands apart.


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