Irish Moss (20 kg | 44.09 Lb)

Irish Moss (20 kg | 44.09 Lb)

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Bulk Irish Moss for Brewing Perfection: Craft Clarity in Every Batch

Elevate Your Brewing Process with Top-Grade Irish Moss

Our 20 kg (44.09 lb) supply of Irish Moss, proudly produced in the United States, is the professional brewer's choice for crafting crystal-clear beers. This natural fining agent is key to removing haze and impurities, enhancing the flavor and stability of the beer, and perfecting the brew's overall brightness and presentation.

Key Features:

  • Bulk Supply: 20 kg (44.09 lb) for consistent use across multiple brewing cycles.

  • Enhanced Clarity: Clarifies beer, removing unwanted haze for a pristine finish.

  • Flavor and Stability: Improves the beer's taste while contributing to a longer shelf life.

  • Head Formation: Promotes a stable, frothy head for an aesthetically pleasing pour.

  • Easy Integration: Designed to be added during the boil for seamless brewing enhancement.


  • Q: How much Irish Moss should be used per batch of beer? A: A small amount, typically around a teaspoon for a 5-gallon batch, added during the boil is sufficient.

  • Q: Will Irish Moss affect the taste of my beer? A: Irish Moss is flavor-neutral; it clarifies without altering the beer's intended taste.

  • Q: Is Irish Moss suitable for all beer styles? A: Yes, it is effective in any beer where clarity is desired, regardless of the style.

  • Q: How does Irish Moss contribute to beer stability? A: It removes proteins that can cause haze, thus enhancing the stability and shelf life of the beer.

  • Q: Can Irish Moss be used in homebrewing and commercial brewing? A: It's an excellent addition to any brewer's toolkit, from homebrewing enthusiasts to commercial operations.

  • Q: What is the best practice for storing Irish Moss? A: Keep it in a cool, dry place to maintain its effectiveness as a fining agent.

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