Dextrose Corn Sugar (22.7 kg | 50 Lb)

Dextrose Corn Sugar (22.7 kg | 50 Lb)

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Premium Dextrose for Craft Brewing Excellence

Your Secret Ingredient for a Fuller-bodied Brew. 

Elevate your craft brewing game with our premium dextrose. A step above your ordinary table sugar, this monosaccharide delivers a superior taste and ensures a smooth fermentation process. Packaged in bulk 22.7 kg | 50 Lb bag, it guarantees freshness every time. Whether you're a home brewer or running a microbrewery, choosing our dextrose will redefine the quality of your brews. Moreover, it promises no off-flavors, ensuring every sip of beer is as the brewer intended.

Key Features:

  • Monosaccharide Quality: Unlike regular sucrose, dextrose doesn’t require yeast to break it down, ensuring an efficient fermentation.

  • No Off-flavours: Guarantees a pure taste, enhancing the beer's overall profile.

  • Efficient Packaging: Comes in a stand-up pouch double sealed with a zip lock, ensuring prolonged freshness.

  • Weight Precision: Each bag weighs 22.7 kg | 50 Lb.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What makes dextrose different from standard table sugar? A: Dextrose is a monosaccharide, meaning it doesn’t require breaking down for fermentation, unlike sucrose, a disaccharide. This ensures a smoother fermentation process and a better taste.

Q: How does dextrose affect the body of the beer? A: Dextrose is known to give a better-bodied beer than sucrose, promising a richer taste and mouthfeel.

Q: Is dextrose 100% fermentable? A: Yes, dextrose is 100% fermentable. However, remember that you'll need to adjust the quantity slightly when replacing sugar.

Q: How much dextrose must I replace 6kg of sugar? A: For a ferment requiring 6kg of sugar, you use slightly more than 8 kilos of dextrose.

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