Chitosan (50 g | 1.7 oz)
Chitosan (50 g | 1.7 oz)
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Chitosan (50 g | 1.7 oz)

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Chitosan: The Ultimate Wine and Beer Clarifier for Exceptional Clarity

Achieve Professional-Level Clarity in Brewing with Chitosan 

Perfect the clarity of your wine, mead, and beer with our 50 g (1.76 oz) packet of Chitosan, an effective clarifier designed to remove haze-causing substances late in the brewing process. Used alongside Kieselsol, Chitosan significantly enhances flocculation, promoting the sedimentation of yeast cells, fruit particles, and other impurities. Derived from the chitin of crustaceans, this linear polysaccharide is transformed into a potent clarifying agent, ensuring a clear, polished final product without compromising the beverage's flavor. 

Key Features:

  • Potent Clarification: Effectively targets and eliminates suspended particles.
  • Improved Flocculation: Assists in settling yeast and other haze-causing elements.
  • Natural Source: Crafted from crustacean shells, offering a natural approach to clarification.
  • European Craftsmanship: Sourced and processed in Europe, guaranteeing superior quality.


Q: How do I use Chitosan in the brewing process? A: Add Chitosan post-fermentation, typically in combination with Kieselsol, to improve the sedimentation of solids.

Q: Will Chitosan alter the taste of my wine or beer? A: When used correctly, it should not impact the flavor of your beverage.

Q: Is Chitosan safe for people with shellfish allergies? A: Given its crustacean origin, individuals with shellfish allergies should consult a healthcare professional before use.

Q: Can Chitosan be included in vegan or vegetarian brewing? A: Chitosan is derived from animal sources and may not be suitable for vegan or vegetarian brewing.

Elevate the clarity of your homebrewed wines, meads, and beers with Chitosan. This product offers an efficient solution to achieve crystal-clear beverages and embodies the fusion of natural sources and modern brewing techniques. Add Chitosan to your brewing supplies for a flawless, professional finish.

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