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Tom Caxton Pilsner Strong Lager - Unleash the Full Potential of Flavorful Brewing (1.8 kg | 3.9 Lb)

Tom Caxton Pilsner Strong Lager - Unleash the Full Potential of Flavorful Brewing (1.8 kg | 3.9 Lb)

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Discover the Art of Flavorful Brewing

Dive deep into the brewing world with the Tom Caxton Pilsner Strong Lager kit. Craft a full-bodied lager that's not just a drink but a sensory experience. With an accompanying hop extract sachet, infuse your brew with a mesmerizing aroma reminiscent of country hops, offering a subtle nod to traditional brewing finesse.

In the 1970s, Tom Caxton redefined the British "homebrew" landscape with its influential campaigns and a marked presence in High Street outlets. With every Tom Caxton beer kit, you are not just brewing beer; you are brewing history, quality, and character. Every ingredient, be it our top-notch malts, hops, or resilient yeast strains, underlines our promise of unmatched brewing brilliance.

Step into a world where variety meets precision. Our diverse range ensures a Tom Caxton beer kit for every palate. Simplified brewing procedures combined with our legacy enable you to craft your signature beer, echoing the tones of brewing virtuosity.

Key Features:

  • Traditional Full-Bodied Brew: Unlock a rich and fulfilling lager experience with the Tom Caxton Pilsner Strong Lager kit.
  • Signature Hop Aroma: The unique hop extract sachet promises a distinct country hop aroma, adding layers to your brew.
  • Legacy of Brewing Excellence: A name synonymous with quality, Tom Caxton sets the gold standard in homebrewing experiences.
  • Top-Tier Ingredients: Our unwavering commitment ensures using only prime malts and hops, encapsulating true beer essence in every brew.
  • Brewing Diversity: From the seasoned brewer to the curious beginner, our wide variety caters to all, making every brewing endeavour a story to tell.
  • Hassle-Free Brewing: Simplified steps, clear guidance, and unparalleled ingredients make brewing less of a process and more of a passion.


Q: What's the brewing timeline for Tom Caxton Pilsner Strong Lager? A: Crafting the Tom Caxton Pilsner Strong Lager spans two to three weeks, factoring in fermentation and maturation. This ensures a harmonious blend of flavours, rendering a distinguished lager.

Q: Can the hop aroma in Tom Caxton Pilsner Strong Lager be tweaked? A: The kit's hop extract sachet is crafted to enrich the beer with a signature country hop aroma. Adjusting it might sway from the intended flavour palette. For best results, abide by the included guidelines.

Q: Is the Tom Caxton beer kit beginner-friendly? A: Absolutely! Tom Caxton beer kits resonate with both novices and experts. Comprehensive instructions paired with quality constituents ensure an enriching brewing journey for all.

Note: Equipment and supplies are sold separately, packaged in the UK.

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