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Spraymalt Medium | Enhance Your Bitters with Rich Malt Flavour (500 g | 1.1 Lb)

Spraymalt Medium | Enhance Your Bitters with Rich Malt Flavour (500 g | 1.1 Lb)

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Unearth the Magic in Every Brew. 

Discover Spraymalt Medium, the game-changing ingredient tailor-made for the passionate homebrew, craft-making, and beermaking community. Its vibrant malt richness and remarkable prowess amplify beer's innate body brings a velvety, mellow finish to your cherished bitters. 

Spraymalt Medium, meticulously crafted from premium malts, is transformed into a spray-dried soluble powder, acting as the cornerstone to refine beer's character, flavour, and tactile sensation. This isn’t just an additive—it’s a journey to a brewing renaissance.

A harmonious blend of Spraymalt Medium and sugar in a 50/50 ratio is your ticket to an enriched beer universe. This symphony accentuates the beer's pedigree, setting the stage for an elevated, richer tasting experience.

While the prowess of Spraymalt Medium shines as a sugar alternative, embracing it alongside sugar escalates the beer’s body by nearly 20%, resulting in an embrace of sheer richness with every sip.

Opt for Spraymalt Medium for its authentic malt essence, innate ability to fortify your beer's foundation, and transformative touch that makes every bitter brew a legend.

Key Features:

  • Seamless Solubility: Derived from elite premium malts, Spraymalt Medium promises an effortless merger into your brewing escapade.
  • Malt Majesty: Infuse your bitters with an undeniably deep malt nuance, intensifying brew complexity.
  • Taste and Texture Transcendence: Spraymalt Medium elevates beer's inherent body, promising a velvet, full-bodied finish.
  • Flavour & Feel Facelift: Harness Spraymalt Medium to refine your beer’s essence, texture, and overall character.
  • Synchronicity with Sugar: A 50/50 harmony with sugar evolves your beer's intrinsic quality and taste dimensions.
  • Rising Above Sugar: Venturing with Spraymalt Medium over sugar morphs a basic beer kit into a brew spectacle, teeming with flavour layers.
  • Body Brilliance: A fusion of Spraymalt Medium and sugar bolsters beer's body by an impressive 20%, offering a heftier sensation.


Q: What is the ideal quantity of Spraymalt Medium for bitters? A: Embrace Spraymalt Medium for 50% of your recipe's fermentable sugars. Yet, adjust based on your flavour and texture aspirations.

Q: Solo act with Spraymalt Medium, sans sugar? A: Spraymalt Medium stands tall, enriching malt flavours and beer bodies. But a duet with sugar often hits the high notes in the flavour.

Q: Spraymalt Medium: A universal fit for all bitters? A: Precisely! Spraymalt Medium is tailored to resonate with bitters; its malt richness and beer body-boosting abilities make it an indispensable brew companion.

Embrace the essence of superior brewing with Spraymalt Medium, where each brew is a tale of precision and panache.

Note: Equipment and supplies are sold separately, packaged in the UK.

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