1 LT P.E.T. Beer Bottle (CS12)

1 LT P.E.T. Beer Bottle (CS12)

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Revolutionize Your Homebrewing Experience: 1 LT P.E.T. Amber Beer Bottle (CS12)

Elevate Your Craft with Unmatched Safety and Convenience

Transform your homebrewing adventure with our 1 LT P.E.T. Amber Beer Bottles, designed explicitly for craft-making and winemaking enthusiasts. These high-quality, food-grade approved PET bottles come in a case of 12, offering safety and flexibility. Whether you're a homebrew hobbyist or a seasoned craftsperson, these bottles provide an intelligent alternative to traditional glass, eliminating the risk of bursting while retaining optimal carbonation. Please note that caps are sold separately, and additional equipment may be required.

Key Features:

  • High-Capacity Design: Comes in a case of 12, with each bottle holding 1000 ml (32 oz / 1 lt)
  • Superior Material: Made from food-grade approved PET for safe and durable use
  • Amber Coloring: Offers UV protection for your brew to preserve flavour and quality
  • 28 MM PCO Neck Size: Easy-to-seal neck designed for hassle-free bottling
  • Safety and Convenience: These PET bottles become rigid when fully carbonated, reducing the risk compared to glass bottles


Q: What is the bottle capacity?
A: Each bottle holds 1000 ml, approximately 32 oz or 1 litre.

Q: Is the material food-grade approved?
A: Absolutely, these bottles are made from food-grade approved PET.

Q: Can these bottles fit standard caps?
A: Yes, they are designed with a 28 MM PCO neck size, which can fit standard caps. Note, however, that caps are sold separately.

Q: Do these bottles protect the brew from sunlight?
A: Yes, the amber colour of these bottles offers UV protection to preserve the flavour and quality of your brew.

Q: Are these bottles an excellent alternative to glass?
A: Definitely. These PET bottles are designed to become rigid when fully carbonated, offering a safer and more convenient alternative to glass bottles.

Q: Where are these bottles made?
A: These bottles are made in Canada, reflecting high-quality craftsmanship.

Step up your homebrewing game today with our 1 LT P.E.T. Amber Beer Bottles. They are a perfect blend of safety and functionality, designed for the dedicated brewer.

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